PS VITA Firmware 3.10: “Shut Down/Constant Reboot” Issue Reported On 32 GB System, “Patch Incoming”

Yesterday Sony released a brand new PS VITA firmware 3.10. The update increased apps limit to 500, added new Calender app, new Manage Content on Memory Card option and many more things.

PS VITAYou can read full list of changes including Hidden features of PS VITA firmware 3.10 HERE. Few unlucky PS VITA owners (especially those who are using 32 GB Memory Card) are experiencing nasty issues after installing firmware 3.10.

PS VITA with 32 GB Memory card either shuts itself down or goes into a constant reboot after installation of firmware 3.10. This is a widespread issue, forums like PS Blog, NeoGaf and Reddit are still flooding with complaints.

Reddit User “Infamous_Hero” says: “I updated my Vita after fully charging it, now it won’t turn on. The PS logo appears on the screen and the home button turns blue but then turns off seconds later.”

We contacted Sony support to get some official words on the issue and as expected the reply we received reads: “we are aware of the issue and a patch to fix it will arrive soon”.

I advice PS VITA owners and our readers to just be a bit cautious when updating to firmware 3.10 especially if you are using 32 GB memory card.

Tell us in the comment section below if you are facing anyother issue after installing PS VITA firmware 3.10