“PS Vita TV Plays PS4 games via Remote Play” confirms Yoshida


Today Sony Japan at their Tokyo Press conference revealed PS VITA TV a small box that allows your TV to “evolve” with digital content. Its basically a little tiny console based on PlayStation Vita hardware that you hook up to your TV.

PS VITA TV and PS4 Games

Sony President Shuhei Yoshida has revealed some more details regarding this recently announced PS VITA TV.

Yoshida revealed on Twitter that “PS Vita TV plays your PS4 games via Remote play”.

In addition to this, Yoshida als orevealed that November 14, 2013 release date of PS VITA TV is only for Japanese region, European and North American release date is yet to be announced.

If you missed out on today’s Playstation VITA TV presentation, don’t worry we have you cover. Take a look at full presentation below this tweet.