PS3 Exclusive Agent is still Alive, Easter Egg Found in GTA V

GTA V Map 1

For things like these we love Rockstar Games, a NeoGaf forum user has just discovered AGENT easter egg in Grand Theft Auto V.

Agent Easter Egg in GTA VIn GTA V players are allowed to have their custom license plates, but the image below is taken from one of the mission in GTA V, no need to tell you guys what that license plate points to.

For those who are unaware of, Rockstar Games’ AGENT is an upcoming stealth action game set in cold war, and will take players and players will experience world of counter intelegence, espionage and political assassinations.

Agent was first announced by Rockstar Games way back in June 2009. Rockstar has yet to reveal any details regarding the setting other than the fact that it will be set in the late 1970s.

Agent Easter Egg Discovered in GTA V