PS3 has more Users Online Than Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

Sony PlayStation Network has out figure Xbox live in terms of number of user connected to it. Comes as a surprise to you but yes it is true, According to the data collected by US analyst Diffusion group, PlayStation 3 has a 78% user connected to internet whereas Xbox 360 is having 73% following this two console third space is occupied by the Wii which has 54% figure.

You must be thinking that Xbox Live is in for around 8 years, whereas PlayStation Network comes into exisitence in Nov 2006, so what must be the reason for such figure. We have some possible reason for this, first factor might be the cost factor of membership, you can have yourself a silver membership to Xbox Live through Ethernet port, but to have an access to online feature of Xbox Live you have to get Gold membership by paying an annual fees. Second reason is the extra hardware require to get console connect to home wireless network, and these adpater you have to buy seprately from market whereas in PlayStation 3 and Wii this is not an issue as they have an in-built Wi-Fi.

The above is the case of Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii is behind in this possibly because the gamers of wii as just a causal gamers you can say who are just not that advance in ue of technology and they just want to enjoy their gameplay on wii, another reason possible is that they might not aware that they get have there console connected to internet.

Many reason can be sorted out for this issue but one think is clear that PlayStation is beaten up Xbox 360 and Wii in terms of number of user connected. It is possible that your friends might not aware of this figure so share this article with them and leave your opinion to this article as a comment.