PS4.5 Launch: List Of Top 10 Games Who Would Take Huge Advantage Of The Better Performance


Rumors about PlayStation 4.5 have been pretty insistent lately and it is considered highly likely that an announcement from Sony is about to come at E3 2016. We have also seen a draft of this new hardware specs and talked about it to have a better idea of what’s next for PS4.

PlayStation 4.5

Digital Foundry has just done the same, discussing about the improvements that could possibly come from certain developers taking advantage of the better performances granted by this new model of PlayStation 4.

We even have a ten-element list featuring games that would be much better using PS4.5 hardware and a description about why they would get better in comparison with today. Final fantasy XV would have stable and locked frame rate, according to DF, and frame rate (together with texture quality, draw distance on foliage and water simulation) would also improve in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s areas that are GPU bound.

GTA V would have an increased grass density and improved object LOD’s, Uncharted 4 would ship with 60fps in single-player as well and 1080p in multiplayer instead of 900p. Call of Duty Black Ops III would also come with 1080p and 60fps in both sp and mp.

Bloodborne, Driveclub and Dark Souls III would get a 60fps instead of current 30fps, Star Wars Battlefront’d get a 1080p resolution bump and Until Dawn would get 30fps locked frame rate. Finally, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain would relaunch with improved draw distance and 16x AF.

Would this be enough to have you buying PlayStation 4.5 at day one? Let us know your ideas in the comments section below.