PS4 Ahead Of Xbox One In Social Media Battle As Well: Research Report


PS4 not only have a massive lead over Xbox One in next-gen consoles sale figure but also seems to be winning social media battle over Xbox One, according to a recent research report from Synthesio.

PS4 vs Xbox OneSince start of November 2013, social media sites, comment sections of newspaper were full of buzz about Playstation 4 than Xbox One, the report stated.

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director UK of Synthesio, said: “Although the PS4 has only just had its European launch, there is still a markedly higher level of online buzz compared to the Xbox.

Synthesio research find out that more than half of the comments about Xbox One on various social media website was regarding faulty hardware or problems with TV connections.

The most negative thing discussed about PS4 was need to buy seprate PS Eye Camera, but 5% consumers voted this a negative thing.