PS4 Browser Is FIVE Times Faster Than Xbox One, Proves Tech Comparison


Tech website AnandTech recently tested speed of browsers that comes packaged with next-gen consoles (PS4 and Xbox One), guess what the result shows, some startling differences: “PS4 Browser Runs FIVE times faster that Xbox One.”

AnandTech first test browsers speed via Sunspider (its a suite used to measure JavaScript performance), PS4 browser return the result of 1,027.40 whereas Xbox One browser managed to score 2,360.90.

The lower the score, the better it is in Sunspider Test, so the above scores clear shows that PS4 browser is two times faster that Xbox One.

Furthermore, AnandTech tested both the browsers using Kracken, yet another JavaScript performance benchmark created by Mozilla that measures the speed of several different test cases extracted from real-world applications and libraries.

In this test PS4 score 22,768.70, whereas Xbox One was five time slower with score of 111,892.50.

These are really some startling differences.