PS4 Consume Only 10W Power in StandBy Mode, 90W in Idle Mode And 150 While Playing Games: UPDATED


Original Story: Playstation 4 draws 70W of power in StandBy Mode, 90W in Idle mode and 150W when high-end games such as Killzone: Shadow Fall is playing, according to details revealed by ArsTechnica in their review of PS4.

PS4ArsTechnica in their PS4 review said: “Electrically, the PS4 draws about 150 Watts of energy when playing a high end game like Killzone, a number that drops to 130 or 140 Watts when playing less intensive titles like Resogun. That’s better than the roughly 180 Watts of the launch edition of the PlayStation 3, but worse than the 100-or-so Watt maximum in more recent redesigns.”

“Even in its “low power” standby mode, the PS4 still draws a significant 70 Watts of power, so you should turn it all the way off unless you’re planning on doing a lot of overnight downloads or Vita Remote Play.”

Why this 70W figure is important, its well past the mark where device need active cooling i.e during standby time fan will run all the time and most device during this process consume only 1-2W power.


70Watts Figure in StandBy mode was a mistake on ArsTechnica,
70Watts is consumed only when PS4 is is downloading something while in
Standby mode. Arstechnica made the correction and it has been updated
here as well.

10W power is consume when PS4 is in StandBy mode and nothing is downloading.