PS4 CPU Uses AMD Turbo Core Technology To Achieve 2.75Ghz Clock Speed?


Recently in PS4 FCC Certification, the clock speed of PS4 was mention as 2.75GHz, many speculated this is just a figure representing clock rate of Memory.

But today in IGN Video review of Playstation 4, 2.75GHz clock rate has been shown to be the highest clock rate of the CPU with 1.6GHz being the base clock rate.

Here is the snapshot from IGN’s PS4 video review. Does this mean PS4 make use of AMD Turbo Core Technology?.

PS4 Uses AMD Turbo Core Tech

For those who are unaware of what this is all about, AMD Turbo Core technology push the clock rate to highest level using less core to get better performance out of CPU when there is a particular task that are better suited for higher clock rates but less cores.

Take a look at the slide below showing basic model working of AMD Turbo Core Tech:

AMD Turbo Tech Core