PS4 DVR records Video at 720p and 30 FPS, Screenshots at 1080p: Rumor


Playstation 4 DVR records video at 720p and takes screenshots at 1080p, this new piece of information comes from NeoGAF user KennyLinder, a PS4 game dev for an unannounced game.


KennyLinder unveil these new details and other related to PS4 in this thread at NeoGaf, we have complied the full list new details below for you, take a look.

NOTE: KennyLinder (claims to be a PS4 dev) sounds pretty genuine and also NeoGaf moderator haven’t banned him but we are still tagging all the details listed below as rumor.

  • You can send friend Requests via username or via your real name (hence the friend and name requests).


  • The “Edit Username” shown in the video footage below (showcased yesterday at Eurogamer Expo) is for your local name, not your PSN ID.

  • “Once you see it [the UI] up and running with images, music, backgrounds it looks f***ing sweet. 1080p 60fps and snappy as f**k. Drops in and out of games like Vita (i.e. FAST), and it’s really neat to use.”
  • Doesn’t know about themes or personalization.
  • Game pages play music like when you have a game highlighted on PS3.
  • The Start-up Screen: “So far it’s a Blue background with the logo appearing on screen then going to the login screen. Quick, slick and simple […] since the machines will a rarely be turned on from cold, Sony might not bother [to make a different one].”
  • This is the main interface when selecting through games. “If you select “Overview” on the menu you would open up all the additional information about the game. Trophies, videos etc.”
  • You can display your real name (first name, last name) alongside your PSN ID. Your Real name will then display above your PSN ID on-screen.
  • To get to the XMB as we knew it, you press “Up” (obviously).
  • You can choose any First and Last name you wish (no need to link to Facebook or anything to confirm).
  • No Playroom on SDK
  • No folders on SDK (This could be trouble if it’s not an option imo and KennyLinder even says something to that effect).
  • Can just display your first name if you preferred.
  • More obvious old news: Name doesn’t have to be displayed at all.
  • Press the PS button: Brings up the menu in the UI video from yesterday.

  • Hold the PS button: Allows you to adjust certain controller settings (I assume music controls and stuff like the Vita long press).
  • Leaderboards support both Real Name and PSN ID together (at least potentially) if the player has chosen a real name. “Works nicely.”
  • Hasn’t seen anything related to tracking time spent per game (like on 3DS). Doesn’t mean it’s not there but it’s not in the SDK.
  • On the SDK, you can “save videos/screenshot locally and move it to a USB stick”.
  • The PS4 records gameplay at 720p. Notes this may not be representative of the final product.
  • Screenshots are at 1080p. Notes this may not be representative of the final product.

Another PS4 Game Dev (Twittr Name: Tidux) confirms PS4 DVR video resolution as “720p, 30 frames per second” and screenshots resolution as 1080p via this NeoGaf Thread

Beware readers, these PS4 DVR resolution figures are still rumor, we are still awaiting official confirmation from Sony.

Source: Reddit