PS4 Early Owner: Day One Patch Not Yet Available, Leaks Killzone Shadow Fall Main Menu


One bold twitter user, cjcool804, isn’t shy of showing away his PS4. Along with a PS4 console shown, he has stated that when checking for the updates to download the Day One update mentioned by Sony, the system states that the console is already on the latest system update.

Playstation 4Like Xbox One, Playstation 4 pre-orders also arrive early for handful of lucky gamers and one such gamer is “Twitter user Cjcool804”.

After receiving confirmation from Shuhei Yoshida that early owners of PS4 won’t receive any temporary/permanent BAN from Sony for using the console early,
Cjcool804 has started to reveal some inside details about the console in a series of tweet.

According to cjcool804, PS4 Day One patch is not yet live, here is the message cjcool804 received as he tries to download the Day One update, “The latest version of the system software is already installed”

Cjcool804 also tweeted an image showcasing installation of Killzone: Shadaow Fall on his PS4 retail unit. In addition to this he also tweeted a image showcasing Killzone: Shadow Fall Main Menu.