PS4 Exclusive Deep Down is an Online RPG, Launch in Western Region “Under Consideration” says Capcom


Deep Down (a PS4 exclusive game from Capcom) release in western region is still under consideration, as per the details revealed by Capcom representative to Forbes. This imples that Deep Down may only see the light of the day in Japan only.

Deep DownTill today we know just handful of details about Deep Down, it is powered by Capcom’s new engine Panta Rhei, and the game appears to be online-only RPG (still not confirmed though).

The only thing i can confirmed about Deep Down is PS4 exclusivity, recently Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono confirmed via his Twitter account that Deep Down is coming to PS4 and not on Xbox One. Check out HERE, what exactly Ono tweeed:

Watch second Deep Down trailer below.

Source: Forbes