PS4 Exclusive Deep Down: “Lead Protagonists “Ravens” Detailed And Logo Revealed”

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Deep Down is an upcoming free-to-play game exclusive for Playstation 4, apart from this we just have a handful of details about the game especially for what the story is concerned.

However Capcom today via game’s official website unveil the details regarding “RAVENS”, the lead protagonists of Deep Down. Check out below a series of tweets from Capcom, all of them are in Japanese but we have provided the translation.

First Tweet Translation: “Today I will give a small introduction on the beings with special powers known as “Ravens”.

Second Tweet Translation: “Ravens” are “Watarigarasu” (Japanese word for Raven), and they appear in Norse mythology as a motif of two feathers governing over “thought” and “memory.”

Third Tweet Translation: “In the place where these ravens come from, they are able to fly through “thought” and “memory”, leading a life in both the “current world” and the “past world.” It’s known as “the ability to cross between the two different worlds.”

Also, the “Ravens” that have this special ability belong to a “certain organization.” We’d like to explain that in another occasion. Next week, a new trailer will explain the rooms where Toro and Kuro were placed.”