PS4 Exclusive Deep Down: Three In-Game Gifs Show Fighting Mechanics, Freeze Spell And More


Three brand new gameplay Gif of Playstation 4 exclusive free-to-play game, Deep Down has arrived showcasing fighting mechanics, freeze spell, particle effects and animations.

Deep Down

Going by the details in the GIFs below, some of you may raise a concern related to the slow moments speed, but we would like to bring to your notice that If you’re wearing a heavy suit of metal armor in Deep Down, you’re gonna move slowly.

Like in Dark Souls, you can wear the strongest, heaviest armor but don’t expect to move quickly or dodge at all. In order to move quickly, you’d have to wear lighter (and much weaker) armor.

Take a look at all three GIFs below and let us know what you guys think about it.

[GIF Deleted]

Deep Down GIF Image 3