PS4 exclusive DriveClub’s gameplay will be showcased at E3 2014, ‘Sony’s line-up is Bonkers’ says Insider

Microsft Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer has been pretty vocal about what all things they will be showcasing at E3 2014. Exact details were not revealed but many times via Twitter, Spencer stated that the show is going to be a blast and will be about ‘Games, Games and Games’.

DriveClubOn the other side, Sony has kept the cards close to their chest when it came to E3 2014, ask any executive and he will say “wait for the right time”. Now where does this leave Playstation fans for the news on Sony’s E3 2014 line-up? YES, insider sources.

Twitter user Tidux, a well know indutry insider who previously leaked details regarding Playstation 4 User Interface before official announcement from Sony, shared some details regarding what’s coming at E3 2014 from Sony.

Tidux tweeted: “OHH Shiiit! The lineup 4 E3 is Bonkers.” and “They are finalizing the details.”

When asked for some details whether The Last Guardian or DriveClub will be showcased? Tidux replied:

“@[email protected]

Tidux also stated that he had heard something interesting about Watch Dogs on Xbox One and added:

“have heard something interesting about Watchdogs on Xbox One, I’m guessing that the cloud solves it.or not. #XboxOne #PS4”, reads the tweet from Tidux.

We have asked for some more clarification on Watch Dogs tweet, Stay tuned as we will update this post as soon as we get to hear more from Tidux.