PS4 Exclusive God of War 4 Concept Arts Leaked, Kratos Return In Nordic Setting


It seems like the development work on God of War 4, the next installment in PlayStation exclusive God of War video game franchise, is in full swing and we might hear an official announcement from Sony at E3 2016. In less than a 24 hours time two God of War 4 leak has appeared on the internet. First, one came from well-known industry insider Shinobi602, who revealed that God of War 4 is going to take place in Nordic Mythology.

God of War 4

On Twitter, Shinobi602 wrote: “Across the rainbow bridge… to the halls of Valhalla. My boy.#GodofWar4”

The second leak came from website Nerd Leaks. The publication posted several concept artworks of God of War 4 confirming Shinobi602’s “Nordic Mythology” leak. You can take a look at the leaked concept artworks below.

god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-1.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-2.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-4.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-5.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-6.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-7.jpg god-of-war-4-leaked-concept-art-3.jpg

Here is the most surprising part, the website Nerd Leaks is no longer available. The domain is available for sale and it you try to access the site you are directed to Go Daddy website. Also, the official Twitter account of Nerd Leaks has been deleted as well. What exactly is the reason for this sudden disappearance of Nerd Leaks after posting God of War 4 concept arts, did Sony flexed their muscles and showed who is the boss?


Lot more God of War 4 concept art has been leaked, over 40, you guys can check them here and here.