PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son characters polygon count revealed, 120K, 300-500 bones and more

Infamous: Second Son is one of the best looking title on Sony’s Playstation 4. Today, Sucker Punch via their official website reveal details regarding inFamous: Second Son characters polygon count figures and many other details.

Infamous: Second SonSucker Punch revealed that Infamous: Second Son’s character are 120, 000 polygons and more LODs for NPCs, 300-500 bones lots for face/cloth/hands, upto 28 MiB, mostly texture, thousands of animation clips, per vertex facial animation for cutscenes.

Now we get to know what’s exactly is the reason behind those amazing graphics/visuals and character models of Infamous: Second Son. Definitely one of the best we have seen so far in current-gen consoles, and just wondering what Naughty Dog have in-store for us with Uncharted for Playstation 4. Tell us what you guys expect from Naughty Dog on PS4?

You can check out the presentation slide of Infamous: Second Son character art below. Full presentation is available on Sucker Punch’s official website.

Infamous: Second Son Day Character Polygon