PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son sells One Million units in Nine days, fastest selling Infamous title ever

Sucker Punch’s recently released Playstation 4 exclusive title, Infamous: Second Son sold One Million units worldwide within just nine days of its launch, and with this achievement it became the fastest selling Infamous title in the franchise.

Infamous: Second SonInfamous: Second Son takes place seven years after the event of Infamous 2. The game is about a brand new lead protagonist Delsin Rowe, a conduit with an ability to user the powers of other conduits.

Infamous: Second Son is a fast paced action adventure with spectacular graphics and visuals, and its one of those few title that showcase true potential of PS4 this early.

If you haven’t bought Infamous: Second Son, don’t think twice, go for it, its a must experience adventure for all Playstation 4 owners. Read our Review of Infamous: Second Son. This is what the conclusion part of our review reads:

“Infamous: Second Son looks great and shows true potential of the gaming beast Playstation 4. Seattle City looks as good as its real-life counterpart. If you are a fan of open-world games that offers free-run throughout entire city with some amazing powers then look no further than Infamous: Second Son. “