PS4 firmware 1.7 details coming this week, insider hints friend list stability fix and game sorting feature

On March 19, Sony announced a brand new firmware 1.7 for Playstation 4 and also detailed some of the changes it will features, “HDCP off, export capture to USB, video editor” and many more unannounced features. At the time of announcement, Sony stated that PS4 firmware 1.7 will arrive soon, but nearly a month have passed and we have not receive any word about it.

Playstation 4However, it seems that this will change this week as Playstation Europe Community Manager at Chris Owen teased some Playstation news coming out next week.

He first tweeted:”Goodness, so much news coming out this week \o/” and to this Moderation Specialist at SCEE Serum Lake replied: “It’ssomething for everyone kinda week!”

When Chris Owen was clearly asked “Any PS4 news coming this week? Perhaps firmware related?” he replied: “News coming soon, hold tight!”

On this announcement, industry insider “Tidux” on NeoGaf revealed that Sony is planning to announce Playstation 4 firmware 1.7 details this week and release next week.

Tidux also added that Sony is working on friend list stability fixes and game sorting ability but can’t confirm whether these will make to to firmware 1.7

This is all we have for you guys on Playstation 4 firmware 1.7. Tell us in the comment section what all things you guys want to see or issue the firmware should fix?