PS4 firmware 1.7: How to set profile picture with PS App 1.7, Dim DualShock 4 lightbar, disable HDCP and more

Sony has finally released the much awaited Playstation 4 firmware 1.7 featuring several prmoninent new features like ShareFactory, ability to turn off HDCP, pre-download of pre-ordered games, USB exporting for videos and screenshots, HD streaming for Twitch and Ustream and many more things.

PS4In addition to this, Sony also updated Playstation App to v1.70 which added an option for users to upload their own profile picture directly from the application, to be used as PSN avatar. Previously, there was a limitation as players were only allowed to use their Facebook profile picture as their PSN avatar.

But Playstation 4 owners are still finding it difficult to set Profile Picture with PS App 1.7. Reddit user MrSazperilla has prepared a pretty good guide on how to set profile picture with Playstation App 1.70

Also take a look a video guide showcasing how to dim DualShock 4 controller lightbar, disable HDCP and share videos via USB. Do let us know in the comment section below, if you guys need any more help.