PS4 firmware 1.70 available now, size 194 MB, download links and patch notes with hidden features leaked

Sony has just released Playstation 4 firmware 1.70. The update weighs 194 MB in size and features several prminent new features such as ShareFactory, a brand new video editing suite (Please NOTE: its a separate download and weighs 962 MB).

In addition to this, PS4 firmware 1.70 also adds ability to turn off HDCP, pre-download of pre-ordered games, USB exporting for videos and screenshots, HD streaming for Twitch and Ustream and many more. You guys can check out the official patch note released earlier today by Sony HERE.

We have posted PS4 firmware 1.70 changelog with all the hidden features below, its different from the one posted by Sony. Also provided below are the download links of PS4 firmware 1.70 for different region.

Have you downloaded PS4 system update 1.70? how helpful it is for you, tell us in the comment section below.

PS4 Firmware 1.70 Changelog with hidden features:

  • Notifications: New notification type: From PlayStation.
  • System: Multi user login with a single DS4.
  • System: No more log in screen when reconnecting the DS4
  • System: When a game crashes you can now chose to attach a video clip in the feedback
  • System: The What’s New section now has timestamps that tells you what time and day an event happened
  • Settings: Option to enable sending in the crash reports automatically.
  • Settings – Audio: You can now force the PS4 to output 5.1 channel audio over HDMI even if it detects 7.1 channel support.
  • Settings – Video: Deep Colour Output.
  • Share: Upload multiple screenshots to Facebook at the same time.
  • Streaming: Comments/viewers notifications when you are in a full screen streaming.
  • Streaming: You can still upload screenshots/video while broadcasting.
  • Streaming: You can view comments without having to switch streaming modes
  • Extra Characters on the Keyboard: Pressing L2 + Triangle when using the keyboard will open up the extra characters list now,
  • Remote Play Button Map Enhancement: L2 / L3 / R2 / R3 are now mapped to the corners of the Vita’s touch screen during Remote Play on the homescreen
  • Remote Play Log: There’s now a (possibly new) Connection History log option under Remote Play Connection Settings
  • Microphone Volume Control: You can adjust your Microphone input volume under the Device settings now

PS4 Firmware 1.70 Changelog Hidden Feature Image 1

PS4 Firmware 1.70 Changelog Hidden Feature Image 2