PS4 firmware 1.70: Players reports Black screen, flickering, unable to detect WD 500 HDD, file corruption bug

Today, Sony released Playstation 4 firmware 1.70 which adds featuring several prominent new features such as ShareFactory, ability to turn off HDCP, ShareFactory video editing suite and many more. In short, it was one of the most significant firmware for Playstation 4 owners but the update hasn’t been without its share of issues.

PS4On Reddit, Playstation 4 owners who downloaded and installed firmware 1.70 reports black screen, and flickering, file corruption, unable to detect WD 500 GB HDD and other nasty issue.

On user reported that he encountered black screen issue as soon as he disabled HDCP:

“After playing around with a BF4 clip for a few minutes, and being quite impressed I realised I couldn’t hear any sound. So I backed out, went to Amazon to quickly play some TV to check that sound was working (quicker than loading a game, or so I thought) and went straight to a black screen. Despite numerous reboots, I’ve since been unable to connect directly from PS4–>HDMI–>TV. I just get the black screen.”

“My Vita Remote Play showed the PS4 normally, and whenever I’ve hit Amazon since it’s said to Enable HDCP (makes sense).”

This is not all, another user went on to talk about flickering issue:

“Ever since I updated my ps4 has been flickering like crazy, even when not attached to my elgato capture card. It seems like once I turn HDCP off, it blinks like a mad man, and won’t stop til I turn it back on.. really confused and disappointed about this.”

NOTE: For those who are experiencing flickering issue, we advice you to disabling ‘Deep Color’ option in Video Output Setting.

These are just handful of issues we have reported. Tell us in the comment section below what issues/bugs you guys have noticed after installing system update 1.70 on your PS4.