PS4 firmware 1.80 to fix bugs introduced with version 1.7, “disc eject, party chat glitch and more”


Playstation 4 upcoming firmware currently called as “firmware 1.80” will feature friend notification, this was leaked by well know industry insider Tidux few days ago. Today via Twitter Tidux has shared some more details regarding what other thing is coming in PS4 firmware 1.80.

PS4Tidux revealed that Playstation 4 firmware 1.80 will feature fixes for issued introduced with firmware v1.70 such as discs being randomly ejected, party chat glitches and more (read our coverage on it: )

He also revealed that friend list notification was included in firmware 1.7 but Sony decided to remove it at the last minute due to some bug affecting the performance.

As these details are from insider source, we advice readers to consider it as rumor only until official confirmation from Sony. Tell us in the comment section below what all other features you want to see in firmware 1.80 for PS4?