PS4 Firmware 3.55 Live Now, No Changelog Yet, Mostly Improves Stability


Sony has just released PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.55. The update is now available for download for all PlayStation 4 owners across the globe. The size of Firmware 3.55 is around 300MB, and it should not take a lot of time to download and install.

PS4 Firmware 3.55

Currently, we have no information whatsoever as to what all changes PS4 Firmware 3.55 brings in. Sony has not yet shared any official changelog for the update. We expect the firmware to make some stability changes only. We expect Sony to set things up with this small firmware for the launch of a big firmware (possible 4.00) for PlayStation 4 which will add a lot of fan-requested features.

Did you download PlayStation 4 Firmware 3.55? What all changes you observe after installing it? Share it with us in the comment section below.