PS4 Firmware 4.50 Early Player Discovers Nasty External HDD Issue


Reddit users are reporting a bug in the PS4 4.50 Beta Update now available for very few early players. It’s linked to the fact that, thanks to this new update, you can finally now use external hard drives on your PlayStation 4, to store anything you need to store like game files and saves. Hopefully, it gets fixed as soon as the final build is ready.

PS4 Firmware 4.50

According to one Reddit user, “If you have an external drive connected and you have your PS4’s power saving settings configured to put your console into rest mode after a certain amount of inactivity, when you turn your PS4 back on from rest mode it acts like you’ve turned off your PS4 without safely disconnecting the drive and it has to repair.”

It looks like it’s a pretty important issue, one of those that could ultimately prevent you from using an external hard drive on PS4 or at least make your experience pretty uncomfortable while doing it. Anyway, remember this is just a beta and, while the issue could not have been experienced by everyone involved in it, there’s a lot of time and room to improve.