PS4 Error Code E-801809A8 Reported While Installing PS4 Firmware 5.0


Sony yesterday released a major Firmware 5.0 for PlayStation 4 which added a lot of interesting and fan-requested features such as Family on PSN, new features for Notifications, Messages and many other things if you missed out on the long list of features then check out the PS4 Firmware 5.0 Official Changelog. Coming to the other side of the story, the sad part – many PlayStation 4 owners are finding it difficult to download and install Firmware 5.0 and are getting Error Code E-801809A8.

PS4 Firmware 5.0 Error Code E-801809A8

There are multiple reports of PS4 Error Code E-801809A8 while trying to install Firmware 5.0 on official PlayStation Community website and Reddit. I went to many such complaints and came to a conclusion that error code E-801809A8 is related to a defective PS4 Blu-Ray drive, and the main reason behind why PS4 is not completing the installation of Firmware 5.0. The sad part is that the trick to complete the installation of PS4 Firmware 5.0 in a Safe Mode hasn’t proved to the successful, Error Code E-801809A8 comes up during Safe Mode installation as well.

No latest PlayStation Firmware on PlayStation 4 means you will not be able to connect to the PlayStation Network. This is a widespread issue, but still, we haven’t heard anything yet from Sony. I am expecting a response from Sony anything soon via AskPlayStation Twitter account as PlayStation Community website is full of complaints regarding Error Code E-801809A8. So stay tuned I will update this post as soon as I get to hear something from Sony on it.

Source: PlayStation Community and Reddit