PS4 Firmware 5.01 Live Now, Size 357MB, Improves System Performance


Sony has just released a new firmware for PlayStation 4. The firmware updates the PlayStation 4 version 5.01 and you can make out from the numbering that it is a minor update which is aimed at improving the overall stability of the console. PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.01 weighs in at 357.3 MB in size and this is what the official patch notes of it reads: “this system software update improves system performance.”

PS4 Firwmare 5.01 Changelog

This is the first minor update post release of the major one which updated the console to version 5.0. Firmware 5.0 was a major update as it added a lot of interesting new features (Family on PlayStation Network, enhanced Twitch broadcast option on PlayStation 4 Pro, new features for Notifications, Messages and much more. ) and it was not directly made available to the general public – select few PlayStation 4 owners were selected by Sony to try out the beta of Firmware 5.0 and once they felt that the firmware is not fit to be released to the general public then it was made available for all on October 3.

Although Firmware 5.01 is a minor update, I will still advice you to download and install it as you need the latest firmware installed on your PlayStation 4 in order to have access to the PlayStation Network.

Are there any hidden changes that you came across on PlayStation 4 Firmware 5.01? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.