PS4 Has More Pre-orders Than Xbox One, “By Long Shot 150:30” says GameStop Manager


Just few days time period is left for the launch of Playstation 4 and Xbox One, both Sony and Microsoft are leaving no stone unturned to make it a massive success.

PS4 vs Xbox OneNeither Sony nor Microsoft have revealed pre-order figures for both consoles, however a GameStop Store manager via a recent AMA on Reddit provided details regarding which among PS4 and Xbox One has more pre-orders.

This GameStop store manager was “How many PS4 perorders have you received at your store in total?”, to which he replied:

“I think my store hit ~150 vs ~30 XBone”

Reddit user “kilogttam” added: “It’s a lot more than I expected but I keep seeing people reporting ~3x as many PS4 preorders as Xbox One.”

To this GameStop Manager replied: “Yupp, the only store I saw with more XBone pre orders than PS4 was a mall store, had like 110 PS4 and 115 Xbone. Otherwise on average, there are a decent amount more PS4 pre orders.”

Later on Reddit user “silverstax” asked him: “Which system has more preorders?”

GameStop Manager replied: “PS4 by a long shot, ~150 to ~30,

Silverstax went on to have more clarification and so asked: “At just your store, or is that the averse age ratio for many GameStop stores?

To this GameStop Manager replied: “That is for my store. On avg there have been more PS4’s than XB One pre orders. some stores may have more Xb’s than PS4’s but from what I saw not by much.”

So guys if details revealed by this GameStop Manager is anything to go by, PS4 pre-orders are way ahead of Xbox One.

You can read full AMA HERE.