PS4 Is Quiet As MOUSE And Powerful As LION says Indie Publisher


Indie publisher Ripstone Games has received an exciting delivery at its Liverpool-based office this week.

Ripstone Games Receives PS4Christmas came early for Indie Publisher Ripstone Games. The sudio has just received Playstation 4 console from Sony ahead of its U.K launch.

To let the world about this, Co-founder and Creative Director of Ripstone, Phil Gaskell shared the following image on Ripstone Games’ Facebook page

In a conversation with fans, Phil Gaskell went on to confirmed that Playstation 4 is not only as quiet as mouse but also as powerful as Lion”.

This quote came from Phil Gaskell when he was quizzed “Does it sounds like a jet taking off?”.

Sony has already confirmed that PS4 is quieter than PS3 all because of fans being placed at a different angle and in a different position.

Ripstone Games Receive PS4 Image 1

Ripstone Games Receives PS4 Image 2