PS4 Is Very Loud And Noisy, WideSpread Issue, Video Released As Proof: Updated


Sony’s claim of Playstation 4 being very silent and quieter than PS3 and all previous Playstation console has been proved wrong. According to reports coming out from gamers who got PS4 today, the console is very noisy and makes a loud noise when it is turned ON.


This is a widespread issue and is faced by many. One user went on to record a footage and uploaded it on YouTube as proof of this nasty issue. You can watch it below, its clearly visible that PS4 is kept is open space and there’s enough room for ventilation.

We also took the snapshot of the comment section, many users stated that they are facing this same issue with their PS4.


Here is the second footage shared by this same YouTube user:

PS4 Loud And Noisy Confirmation Comment