PS4: Massive List of Little Known Tips And Tricks Every PS4 Owners Should Use


Playstation 4 is already out in North America, and in just few weeks time will also be available in retail shelves in Europe as well. Although the launch wasn’t smooth as gamers reported numerous issues such as crash, freeze, brick and others.

Playstation 4Leaving aside all those launch issue and focusing on positive things, here is a list of little known Tips And Tricks that every Playstation 4 Should Know.

  • Push and hold the Share button to take a screenshot.
  • To change the long press of the Share button to bring up the Share menu and the short press of the Share button to take a screenshot, press the Share button to bring the [Share Menu]. Then press the Options button and go to [Share Settings]. Select [Share Button Control Type] and choose [Easy Screenshots].
  • From the [Share Settings] described above, you can also change recording and streaming settings.
  • A double tap of the share button will start a fresh video recording from that point, regardless of what Share button control type you have set.
  • Push and hold the PS button down to bring a quick menu with volume and other settings (such as device management). Through this you can adjust what audio is sent to the headset jack on the controller, including all audio or just voice chat.
  • The PS Home button can be double-tapped to quickly swap between the last game and app in use.
  • When getting an image from twitter, change the “large” part of the url to “orig” to get the original resolution. The different is quite significant: (large) (orig) (Hint: Expand the image and copy the url of the image link first.)
  • Click R3 when using the onscreen keyboard for gyro control. It’s quite intuitive.
  • You can either press L2 or say “PlayStation” on the dashboard to activate a voice command (using either a mic or the camera). For example: Press L2 and then say “Battlefield 4” to go to Battlefield 4 and then “Start” to start the game or say “PlayStation Battlefield 4” to go to Battlefield 4 and then “Start” to start the game.
  • You can use the PlayStation App as an alternate keyboard as well as a secondary device to quickly navigate the PS4 dashboard and menus. For more info, check out this guide.
  • As long as an account with PS+ has a particular system active as it’s primary system, all accounts on that system (16 is the maximum per system) will be able to play online, regardless of whether the PS+ account is signed in or not. To set a PS4 system as the primary system for an account, go to [Settings] > [PSN] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4]. Note: This can also be used to deactivate the system as your primary.
  • The DualShock 4’s light pulsates when charging. It pulses slower the closer to fully charged it becomes.
  • To view the actual amount left on a download and not just the amount remaining before you can start the application, go to [Notifications] > [Downloads] or [Settings] > [System Storage Management] > [Applications] and choose which app or game you want to see.

If you have any PS4 tips or tricks, do let us know in the comment section below. We will update the above list with it along with your name as credit.

Source: Reddit