PS4 Neo Reveal: Sony Still Deciding Whether Be At Gamescom 2016 Or Paris Games Week 2016


Last year, Sony decided to completely skip its usual Gamescom press conference in order to have a better focus on Paris Games Week, something many didn’t understand even though it could be easily explained with the will of the Japanese platform holder to have a stage where it could talk about PS4 games without any competitor around.

Gamescom 2016

This year, despite both the events being so close, Sony has still to take a decision about the show it is going to attend, in August or in October.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan clearly said “honestly, we haven’t decided yet” when asked about this topic, as reported by GameReactor. Which is kind of weird, considering how much time and effort it takes to properly prepar such big media briefings – Microsoft recently said it has been working on its E3 2016 presentation since last December.

At this point, could it be possible for Sony to skip both Gamescom and Paris Games Week in 2016, and exclusively focus on September’s Tokyo Game Show? We’ll discover it very soon, since Gamescom officially kicks off in about two months.