PS4 Noise Level Measured and Compared With PS3


By now we all know that Germany Magazine ComputerBuld has already got their hands on begun unit of Playstation 4 and has already started analysing it.

PS4Recently one of the hot topic on internet about Playstation 4 was its “Noise Level”. The magazine has measured PS4 Debut unit noise level while navigating the system menu and compared it to the original PS3.

NOTE FROM EDITOR: For those who are unaware of, a sone is a unit of perceived loudness

Here are the result:

After 10 minutes of operation

  • PS3: 0.83 sone
  • PS4: 0.815 sone

According to the magazine, a “slight noise” is audible from 40cm (= 15.75 inches) distance.

After 60 minutes of operation

  • PS3: 2.1 sone
  • PS4: 0.83 sone

Few Image below showcasing the above comparison. These images was taken from a live streaming event:

PS4 Noise Level Measurement Image 1

PS4 Noise Measurement Image 2

PS4 Noise Level Measurement Image 2