PS4 Outsold Xbox One With 7:1 Ratio, 360,000 Units Sold As Compared To Just 51,000 Units


According to details shared by our friend at IGN Spain, PlayStation 4 managed to beat Xbox One in hardware sales by a massive margin of 7:1. Sony’s PlayStation 4 sold 360,000 units in Spain. With a simple math calculation we can states that Xbox One sold just 51,000 units in comparison.

Xbox One vs PS4

This is quite a massive difference. You can read the tweet from IGN Spain below, its translation reads: “360,000 units sold in Espqñq PS4 . 7 to 1 vs. Xbox One . # MGW14”

Whether or not Microsoft will be able to reduce this massive lead only time will tell. They have a pretty good Holiday Season 2015 line-up as compared to Sony’s for PlayStation 4. So wait till end of January 2015 to make any conclusion.