PS4 Pre-orders Are Ahead of Xbox One suggest Ubisoft’s Yves Guillemot


Recently a GameStop Manager via AMA on Reddit revealed that Playstation 4 pre-orders are more than rival Xbox One by a long shot, by a margin of 150:30. Now a similar verdict in regards to PS4 vs Xbox One pre-orders has arrived from Ubisoft Boss Yves Guillemot.

PS4 vs Xbox OneYves Guillemot has suggested that PS4 pre-orders are way ahead of Xbox One. During a financials call, Yves Guillemot was aked when Ubisoft as a development firm worried about the commercial success/performance of Xbox One?.

To this Yves Guillemot replied: “Even if the PS4 is in front of Xbox One pre-orders… so we are not worried at all. We think [Xbox One] will be a best-seller as well.”

It looks like Microsoft with Xbox One have to do a lot of catching work. In August 2013, Sony announced that PS4 pre-orders have crossed one million mark worldwide, and just two month later analyst Michael Pachter stated that the figure has touched 1.5 million mark.

You can read details about what GameStop Manager revealed about PS4 vs Xbox One pre-orders in a recent AMA session on Reddit HERE

PS4 will launch on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe, the console will launch in 32 countries, whereas Xbox One will laucnh on November 22 in North America and Europe in 13 countries only.