PS4 Pro Boost Mode Tech Analysis: Improves FPS On CPU Based Games


The Boost Mode is part of the just released beta firmware 4.50 for PlayStation 4. While the feature didn’t come in announced, it revealed ultimately like something worth a look for fans and owners of the PS4 Pro, as it provides improvements in frame rate when it comes to unpatched PS4 titles.

PS4 Pro Boost Mode Tech Analysis

Digital Foundry has just released a new video analysis, which comes in with all the pros and cons of Boost mode. According to the team at DF, improvements for titles relying on GPU are not as big as one would hope – we have a range of 5-6 frames for games like Knack or Killzone Shadow Fall, which is nice, but not game changing after all.

Things change a lot, apparently, with games heavily focused on CPU. Assassin’s Creed Unity, for example, now reaches locked 30 frames per second performances on PS4 Pro, and Project Cars (where there’s a mixture of CPU and GPU), known for its shaky performances in extreme weather conditions, now renders at a much higher frame rate – around 10 frames more than the base unpatched PS4 Pro version. Definitely worth a look!

For the complete analysis, check the video below.