PS4 Pro Price Cut For Holiday 2017, $350 Only From December 10


Holiday 2017 is about to start and Sony wants to make PlayStation consoles the first choice of gamers and so on this note, they have decided to bring down the price (PRICE CUT) of PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation VR. Starting from December 10 – PlayStation 4 Pro is going to be available for $50 and this price cut is applicable to the bundles as well. What does this mean? standard PlayStation 4 Pro will be available for $350 starting from December 10, and if you decide to go for the bundle (right now there are two PS4 Pro Bundle available in the market – Destiny 2 and Star Wars Battlefront II), it will be available for $400 instead of $450. But please note – this is a temporary price cut for PlayStation 4 Pro – and will be available only until December 16.

PS4 Pro Price Cut For Holiday 2017

Coming to the PlayStation VR, Sony has decided to discount PlayStation VR significantly. GT Sport bundle will be available for just $200 (original price is $300), whereas DOOM VFR bundle will be down from $400 to $300 and Skyrim VR bundle will be down from $450 to $350. As with the PlayStation 4 Pro, this price cut on PSVR bundles is also temporary and it will be available starting from December 10 to December 24.

This means – Sony has made their best move for the all-important Holiday 2017 season, will Microsoft follows the suit? I don’t think so. Share your views with us in the comment section below.