PS4 Pro Reaching 4K Resolution By Using An Upscaling Technique Called Checkerboard Process


Digital Foundry has provided its first impressions about PlayStation 4 Pro, detailing how it is possible that such hardware can be capable of running 4K resolution graphics. Based on this report, PS4 Pro is using a technique called checkerboard process, which can get a 2×2 pixel block and extrapolate a 4×4 pixel block from it.

PlayStation 4 Pro

“It allows developers to construct a 2160p 4K framebuffer from half the pixels – a much closer fit for the Pro’s GPU prowess,” Richard Leadbetter commented after checking the hardware.

“We also understand that while it is a hardware feature, game-makers do seem to have a certain level of control – which may perhaps explain why different games exhibit varying levels of artefacting. But the key takeaway is this – while the PlayStation 4 Pro GPU lacks the horsepower to render out challenging content at native 4K, the presentation we’ve seen on a number of titles clearly shows a worthwhile, highly desirable increase in fidelity over 1080p – one that does put a 4K screen to good use. Switching between full HD and checkerboard 4K, the increase in detail is simply stunning.”

So, while it looks clear PS4 Pro is not offering a native 4K resolution, it is going very close to it thanks to this new technology based on hardware which is something pretty similar to the one used by Remedy’s Quantum Break. In that case, a similar reconstruction was opted for reaching the 1080p milestone.

PS4 Pro is releasing on November 10, priced at $399.