PS4 Pro Sold More Units Than PS4 Slim, Sony Still Silent On Specific Sales Figure


Despite not being so convincing in terms of power and usability, PS4 Pro is selling pretty well, according to Sony. In a recent meeting with investors, SIE CFO Kenichiro Yoshida has revealed the company is satisfied with Pro performances and, moreover, that it is selling even better in comparison with PS4 Slim.

Sony Comments on PS4 Pro Sales

“The sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it,” he said, also noting that in many cases people tend to buy the more powerful model when they want to embark on the virtual reality quest with PlayStation VR. It must be noted that PS4 Pro offers better performances in terms of power on virtual reality, but that difference is not so big as one could expect.

“PS4 Pro is running as we had expected, as we assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we anticipated,” Yoshida commented, not going into details about the specific sales of the system. It has been disclosed that PS4 has reached overall worldwide 57.1 million units sold, which is rather incredible if you consider the platform was first released in November 2013.