PS4/PS3 Exclusive Persona 5 New Details via Famitsu: “Lead Protagonist, Location, Dungeon Not Random Generated”: Updated


Last week, Atlus showed a debut gameplay trailer of their upcoming PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Persona 5. Today via popular Japanese magazine Famitsu, some interesting new details about Persona 5 has been revealed. The details are about Persona 5’s lead protagonist, location, randomly generated dungeon and many other things.

Persona 5

The lead protagonist in Persona 5 is a second-year high school student (the new kid in town, may or may not be a thief) who moves to big city during Spring. He resides with friends of his parents at the coffee shop, which they own. Persona 5 takes place in Urban Japan, across areas such as Shibuya.

Also, the dungeon that was showcased in the debut gameplay trailer of Persona 5 were not randomly generated, however Atlus clarified that randomly generated content are not gone from the game altogether.

Additionally, Persona 5 will also feature Social Link option (another thing that was missing from the last week’s gameplay trailer). This system is still in development, and more details on it will be shared close to game’s launch.

Now, as far as Personas go, the lead protagonist’s first person is called Arsene (a subtle nod). Also, the sound that charaters make when summoning Personas is no longer “KA”, it will now be “Buchi”.

If you missed out on last week’s Persona 5 gameplay trailer, watch it below now.


Take a look at Persona 5 Famitsu Cover and full translation of the article in the publication below:


  • “The MC transferred to the city as a 2nd year in the spring.”
  • “He lives in a cafe(Named SUMIKON) run by an old friend of his parent’s.”
  • “The MC has a certain problem, and if he doesn’t fight back against whatever it is, it will lead to some serious trouble in the future. The sequence in which he looks like a prisoner takes place in what could be called a prison of the soul. Basically a prison in his mind I guess.”
  • “The game takes place in Shibuya and various other places in the megalopolis.”
  • “The dungeon in the PV is not randomly generated, and the main areas in the game will consist primarily of places that would make sense for a phantom thief to infiltrate. Various gimmicks included as well.(see Traps)”
  • “Something resembling S.Links will also be in?”
  • “MC’s main Persona is called Arsene (?). Looks like it could be a rif on the famous thief Arsene Lupin.”
  • “Instead of the “カッ”(flash) seen in previous Persona summon sequences, it looks like it’ll be “ブチッ”(snap) instead. EDIT: for clarity, the latter is the sound used to refer to something snapping. Think someone’s patience running thin and hitting the breaking point.”(That’s the sound of summoning a persona, used to be a flash like sound, now it will be a snap)
  • The guns in the game are not real guns.(Not based on real guns)
  • Building a relationship with helpers in the city will give you benefits during battle.[see doctor/military vendor etc.
  • The 2 characters and cat are characters you meet in the early part of the game. The boy and girl both has problems like the MC. The mysterious cat is key part of the story.
  • The anime part in the trailer was done by Production I.G.
  • The battle system is still turn-based.
  • The song heard in the Persona 5 trailer is the instrumental version of the main theme, according to series composer Shoji Meguro. He also stated that he wanted to give the music an “acid jazz” feel for the main game.
  • Information regarding the new social links will come later.