PS4 Remote Play Feature Might Be Coming To iOS and Android, Announcement Leaked via PlayStation App?

It seems like the long pending demand of PlayStation fans of bringing the PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature to iOS and Android has been accepted by Sony and things will be rolling out soon (in few months time). A YouTube user Dustin Turner has posted a couple of new footage showing PlayStation App running on an iPhone and a Remote Play option available in the list.

PS4 Remote Play on iOS and Android

We have no confirmation yet whether this video is legit or someone faked it and YouTube user Dustin Turner is using it to his advantage. I am leaving it to you to decide. The first video below shows remote play icon being present in the iOS version of the PlayStation App.

The second video shows Dustin Turner deleting the PlayStation App and then reinstalling it only to discover that the Remote Play icon is now longer available. This might just be a glitch or the complete video is fake, so take everything you see in the video with a grain of salt and wait for an official announcement from Sony.

PS4 Remote Play Feature Leaked For iOS