PS4 Remote Play Feature Not Coming to Smartphones and Tablets confirms Yoshida


Sony at Tokyo Game Show 2013 announced Playstation App and also talked a bit about bringing Gaikai cloud services to PC and other smart devices currently available in the market, few Playstation fans jump the gun and started predicting that Sony may bring the much talked about Remote Play feature to smartphones and tablets as well.

PS4A Playstation fan from Japan via Twitter enquired about this to SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida. Check out the tweet, (its in Japanese) so we have translated it for you below.

Question from Twitter User: “Hello Yoshida-san! Since the PS Vita can play almost all PS4 games with remote play, are there any plans to allow remote play by connecting the DualShock 4 to smart devices in the future? I got very excited at the thought when I realized it.”

Yoshida: “There are no plans.”

Remote Play Feature on smartphones sounds pretty amazing and interesting, but Sony definitely wants to keep it exclusive to their Playstation products.