PS4 Retail Unit: Out of 500GB HDD Space Only 408GB Is Available To Player confirms Early Owner


Playstation 4 will launch with a 500GB HDD space, but as per the details shared by PS4 early owner “Twitter user Cjcool804” only 408 GB of space will be available for the player.

Playstation 4Cjcool804 shared the following image which showcase Playstation 4 Storage Management. A simple mathematic calculation will clarify things here: ” 323 GB Free Space + 84 GB Games/Application + 100 MB Other = 408GB.”

Applications that occupied 84 GB of HDD space are just three games “Killzone: Shadow Fall, Call of DUty: Ghosts and Madden NFL 25”.

This is really a shocking revelation. Almost all PS4 games size needs atleast 40-50 GB HDD space for installation and so 500GB HDD is bound to get fill up pretty fast, but this revelation “only 408GB out of 500 GB is available to player” increases fan dilema.

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