PS4 Suspend/Resume & Ability To Change PSN ID Feature: “Aware of the request, We haven’t stopped working on it” says Sony

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PlayStation 4 firmware 2.0 is just few hours away from its official release. It is one of the most important firmware as it adds lot of important fan requested features such as Share Play, YouTube, Themes, Pause download, Change Online & Privacy status and more.

PlayStation 4

But the sad things for PlayStation 4 owners is that the firmware won’t come with “ability to change PSN ID” and Suspend/Resume feature. Sony via VideoGamer has issued a clarification that they haven’t forgotten and stopped these important features, it’s just that they don’t have anything to announce about it.

On topic of Suspend/Resume for PS4, SCEE VP of product planning manager Murray Hume said:

“There’s nothing to announce today, we haven’t stopped working on it,”

When asked about “Ability To Change PSN ID”, Sony’s Kazuhiro Yanase said:

“While it will not be available in System Update 2.0, it has heard requests from fans to let them change their PSN ID, I’m aware of that request”

Watch the footage below to know what all new features are coming to PlayStation 4 with firmware 2.0