PS4 Timed Exclusive HellBlade Gets New Details About Story, Gameplay And Astonishing In-Game Screenshots

Hellblade For PS4

Today, Ninja Theory released a brand new developer diary for their upcoming timed PlayStation 4 exclusive title, “HellBlade”. The diary showcased a first glimpse at game’s world. The details we have seen in the trailer and screenshots are really astonishing and a visual treat to eyes. If you missed the trailer watch it below now.


Few days ago, Ninja Theory held a Q&A session via Twitter providing ton of exciting new details about game’s storyline, characters and other important aspect. We have listed below all the details for you, check them out:

  • HellBlade has pretty serious TONE.
  • Unlike previous Ninja Theory games, HellBlade won’t have any companion for Senua and there will be no co-op.
  • This game is defined as Indie AAA, and Ninja Theory explained it a bit more details: “HellBlade is Indie AAA because it has all the quality of AAA games but created independently”
  • The game story will be Deep, Rich and Very Personal about our lead character Senua
  • No target gameplay length has been decided but HellBlade will be shorter than regular AAA retail game.
  • When asked to provide a short and quick summary of what exactly the story of HellBlade is all about, Ninja Theory said: “Senua’s Personal Journey Into Hell”
  • Ninja Theory assured fans that HellBlade will feature Good Amount of Enemies and Boss.
  • The game’s story script is not yet final and it is still in development phase

Ninja Theory has targeted early 2015 window to show first actual gameplay footage.

HellBlade sounds quite promising, watch the debut trailer of the game below.

HellBlade PS4 Screenshot 1

HellBlade PS4 Screenshot 2