PS4 Trophies Already Started To Sync To PSN


Playstation 4 trophies has already started to sync to Playstation Network, and here is the proof of it, image shared by NeoGaf user “Storm360”.

PS4Playstation 4 from Sony will launch on November 15 in North America and on November 29 in Europe and rest of the world in 32 countries.

For those who want clarification what exactly this PS4 Trophies Syncing on PSN is all about, hear it from Storm360 himself:

“At the moment, this person has all 3 types, and they are just all in the main list, aside from the little platform indicator”

“The main point of trophies syncing means we not only have the final builds of the hardware/OS and Fifa, but they are also running on the consumer network instead of DevNet”

Playstation 4 Trophy Sync with PSN