PS4 Users Report Firewatch Nasty Frame Rate Issues

Campo Santo’s debut title Firewatch has impressed people playing it so far thanks to a strong narrative structure and some very fun easter eggs and features, like the phone number you find in game, which is corresponding to a real phone number, and the chance to make framed pictures off your screen grabs.


However, things are not working properly on PlayStation 4, where according to many players performances are not up to their expectations. Firewatch features an unlocked frame rate which is thought to provide gamers with the best visual experience possible, but this just leads to inconcistency, as frames per second switch from about 50 to about 20 all of a sudden – at least this is what we read from players’ reports.

Campo Santo is already working on a patch to make PS4 performances much better than they are now, which is good. Like it always happens in this cases, we are left wondering if it wasn’t a good decisione to delay the release just for a couple of weeks, or give gamers the chance to choose between locked 30fps frame rate and an unlocked one. Share your thought in the comments below.