PS4 vs Xbox One: Comparison between 30 FPS vs 60 FPS footages, Can Human Eyes Spot The Graphics/Visuals Differences?


The next-gen console war is not only about PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One but also about 30 FPS vs 60 FPS gameplay and whether or not a human eye can tell the difference between the two.

PS4 vs Xbox One

It seems like we finally have an answer for this all thanks to a brand new website “”. For those who are unaware of most developer go for a 30 FPS figure for AAA games because its easier to ramp up the graphics/visuals whereas 60 FPS is more expensive and developer have to compromise on graphics/visuals the most.

Watch 30 FPS vs 60 FPS comparison gameplay footage of Sleeping Dogs, Dirt 3, Red Orchestra 2, Battlefield 4 and tell us in the comment section below, what all differences can you observe between them?

“Stare at the left 30fps clip for a a few loops then look at the 60fps clip on the right” says the website 30vs60 FPS.

Battlefield 4: 30 FPS Gameplay

Battlefield 4: 60 FPS Gameplay

Dirt 3 at 30 FPS

Dirt 3 at 60 FPS

Sleeping Dogs at 30 FPS

Sleeping Dogs at 60 FPS