PS4 vs Xbox One: Consumers Will Take Decision After Gadget Show 2013 Hands-On


PS4 and Xbox One will go head-to-head against each other this November, but the big question infront of game is, which console to buy?, gamers will choose between Xbox One and PS4 after Gadget Show 2013 hands-on.

PS4 vs Xbox OneAccording to organise Upper Street Events, almost 86% of Gadget Show 2013 attendees will take decision between PS4 and Xbox One after going hands-on.

Furthermore, Upper Street research states that currently 73% visitors are planning to buy PS4 as compare to 69 per cent considering an Xbox One.

Gadget Show 2013 will begin on November 1 to November 3.

Event manager Katie Tozer said: “Our visitors turn up at the show with shopping in mind and they are not shy about putting their hands in their pockets.”

Source: MCVUK