PS4 vs Xbox One: Full List of “Platform Only, PC And Platform Only And Exclusive” Games


Just few weeks time period of left for the launch of Xbox One and Playstation 4(the next-gen gaming consoles from Microsoft and Sony respectively). Both firms have left no stone unturned to make launch of these consoles a successful one.

PS4 vs Xbox OneGames coming out for both consoles will be the deciding factor, and so Reddit user “La-Terra” made a massive list of PS4 vs Xbox One: “Platform Exclusive, Xbox One/PS4 Only and Platform Plus PC Only” games.

Take a look list below, number of games coming out from Playstation 4 is definitely more than Xbox One. Which game are you excited for the most and for which platform?, share you views with us in the comment section below.

NOTE: We advice Readers To Download The Image Below And View By Zooming It For Full Details.

PS4 vs Xbox One Full Games List